Built from bare hands, just like our nation

We truly live in historic times, both in America and across the globe. We are awakening once again to our innate pride in showing our love for our nation. Nothing speaks louder than the American Flag, the Stars and Bars, Old Glory. It is a symbol steeped in history, opportunity, and the universal ideal of freedom and hard work. The flag silently calls on us to stand up and be united as one.



My shop specializes in taking raw lumber and creating beautiful works of Americana art. The flags make great gifts, serve as great conversation starters, look amazing hanging on your wall, but more than that, they are tangible reminders of what it means to be American. 

My offer to you is a product that you will cherish for years to come. Wakefield WoodWorks is far from being a huge, automated factory, where the flag is not touched by human hands until it is ready to be shipped. Instead, we custom design each order, drive to the lumber yard and hand select the best lumber, carve, cut, sand, stain, paint, clear coat, install all hardware and carefully package every item we make one by one.  

My mission and motivation is not to make pant loads of money from building these flags, but it is to see every household in America have a flag hanging on their walls. I try my best to keep the price of the finished products as low as I can. 



Every order is made with the client in mind. We offer different sizes, different finishing coats, heck, even different flags. All you need to do is ask and Wakefield WoodWorks will get to work to deliver the flag you are looking for.

Custom price breakdown:

  • standard size ($175)

  • desktop size ($125)

  • indoor/outdoor gloss finish (add $10)

  • hardwood (price varies by species)

  • other custom requests (please inquire)




Flags out for Flynn! This one-of-a-kind American flag is based off of the traditional Betsy Ross and honors one of the country's living legends, General Michael Flynn, with an additional three gold stars. 

IMPORTANT: The flag you currently see is a prototype. The flag I will be making for you will have a total of 17 stars.

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"


Here's to a few Happy Clients...


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